Breast Surgery in Chelmsford

At PURE Cosmetic Center, we offer the best-in-class and most often-requested breast surgeries, from enhancement to removal. Each procedure is designed to boost our patients’ self-esteem and confidence. To learn more about the breast surgeries offered by Dr. Dave Lee and our highly trained medical staff or to book a consultation, call our plastic surgery center.

What Breast Surgeries Can I Undergo?

We offer some of the most popular breast surgeries at our clinic in Chelmsford, including:

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation could be ideal when you wish to increase the volume, size, and cleavage of your breasts. The procedure allows us to enhance your breasts with world-class saline and silicone implants to give you voluptuousness. Dr. Lee can help you determine the right size, shape, and type of implant to provide you with the results of your dreams.

Breast Lift

A breast lift is a more subtle form of breast enhancement without implants. Dr. Lee works with your existing tissue to enhance the lift and contour of your breasts, giving you a natural but noticeable change.

Combination Breast Augmentation With Lift

Combining breast augmentation with a lift procedure provides you the best of both worlds: the size and volume of a breast implant augmentation along with the lift and curve of a breast lift.

Breast Implant Revision

When you wish to adjust, remove, or change your breast implants, Dr. Lee can help. The doctor offers superior cosmetic and medical breast implant revision services to help you achieve comfort and happiness with your appearance.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is recommended when you wish to reduce your breast size permanently. This surgery precisely removes your excess breast skin and tissue, making you more comfortable. Dr. Lee also offers gynecomastia treatment, or male breast reductions, for those who want to remove excess breast tissue and enhance their masculinity in their chest.

What to Expect During My Consultation

To explore your breast surgery options, you should book an initial consultation with Dr. Lee and his outstanding medical team in Chelmsford. The doctor will get to know you and your aesthetic goals during this consultation. The medical team will listen to your concerns, provide expert guidance and support, and devise the ultimate breast surgery strategy to give you the body of your dreams–all with your safety and wellness at the forefront.

Is Breast Surgery Right for Me?

While most people are good candidates for breast surgery, it is still important to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lee to ensure you qualify for these procedures. Dr. Lee and his surgical team recommend breast surgery when you fit the following criteria:

  • You are a generally healthy adult
  • You are unhappy with the appearance or feel of your breasts
  • Your breast development has permanently stopped
  • Your breasts are uncomfortable
  • Your breasts are disproportionate, uneven, or lack the volume and cleavage you desire
  • You do not suffer from any chronic health conditions, and you are not obese or overweight
  • You do not have breast cancer
  • You are not pregnant or breastfeeding

For more information about available breast surgeries and to discover your options, call Dr. Lee at his clinic in Chelmsford.

Transform Yourself With Breast Surgery In Chelmsford


Breast surgery has transformed many patients’ quality of life. Whether you want larger or smaller, we can help. Our bright and talented medical staff are trained and experienced in the leading and most cutting-edge breast surgeries. Connect with us at PURE Cosmetic Center today to book your breast surgery in Chelmsford. We would be delighted to bring our medical expertise to you.


Your beauty is a symphony. Don’t trust it to anyone less than a true performer and a master at his craft. Chelmsford plastic surgeon, Dr. Dave Lee brings the virtuosity of a concert pianist and the artistry of a renowned plastic surgeon to each procedure. Schedule a consultation today to discover why patients across New England are singing the praises of Dr. Lee and his staff at PURE Cosmetic Center.

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