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Septoplasty in Chelmsford, MA

Life-improving Surgery

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Easing breathing difficulties or reducing the number of sinus infections you experience can be achieved through life-improving surgery called septoplasty.

Septoplasty is an excellent way to address this common issue and experience an improved quality of life. Dave Lee, MD, is a Stanford-educated, Beverly Hills-trained, board-certified Chelmsford plastic surgeon who performs both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

With the expansion of his private practice at PURE Cosmetic Center, Dr. Lee uses his expertise and skill to create curated results for your particular medical and aesthetic needs. Dr. Lee will help you find the right solution for your nasal ailment and create the best treatment plan suited to you.

Your privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to us at PURE Cosmetic Center.

Many of our high-profile patients prefer to be private with their cosmetic procedures and prefer that their photographs not be placed online. At your consultation, you will be shown photographs of patients who have given us permission to display their before and after pictures.

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What Is Septoplasty?

This surgical procedure is meant to straighten the bone and cartilage between your nostrils (or septum). When your septum is crooked, it can affect your breathing by blocking one side of your nose, which reduces breathing.

It can also increase the risk of sinus infections because of poor drainage. This is also known as a deviated septum, and while common, it can affect your quality of life. Septoplasty is designed to be a short surgery based on your specific septum needs. Dr. Lee can help you discover how extensive the deviation to your septum may be and create a plan to customize your septoplasty in Chelmsford.

Septoplasty Chelmsford

What Happens During Septoplasty?

These kinds of surgery vary a certain amount depending on the extent of deviation in your septum.

Dr. Lee will review your condition and discuss your procedure during consultations so you know what to expect. During the surgery, the complexity of your surgery will determine if you will be placed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. Dr. Lee will use cutting-edge techniques to reposition your septum back to the middle of your nose. He will make incisions on the inside of your nose, and occasionally between the nostrils.

He will trim, move, and replace your cartilage, bone, or both in order to straighten your septum. Dr. Lee completes the surgery by closing the incisions with absorbable sutures. You will spend some time in the recovery room to make sure there’s no excessive bleeding before heading home. The surgery takes three to six months to heal, during which you’ll have access to the team at PURE Cosmetic Center to ensure the procedure results remain a success.

Why Should I ChooseDr. Lee for My Septoplasty?

Dr. Dave Lee is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). His areas of expertise include facelifts, rhinoplasty, breast surgery, nasal airway reconstruction, breast reconstruction, and skin cancer reconstruction. He is also board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS).

Dr. Lee grew up in Cupertino, CA, and graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. in Biological Sciences and a B.A. in Music. He attended medical school in New York at the University of Rochester, where he graduated among the top in his class. He completed his plastic surgery training at the University of Massachusetts, where he served as administrative chief resident. After residency, he completed an additional year of advanced cosmetic surgery training with an aesthetic fellowship at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, Marina Plastic Surgery in Marina del Rey, and the Rox Center in Beverly Hills.

Prior to medical school, Dr. Lee was an accomplished classical pianist and a much sought-after piano instructor. Because of that, his hands have the highest technical finesse in the operating room. Dr. Lee is also always available for his patients and follows the creed that patients come first. His outstanding level of service includes his ability to ease patient fears and his dedication to connecting with patients for a lifelong relationship.

Chelmsford Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David Lee

Consultation for Septoplasty in Chelmsford

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If you’re looking for someone to perform septoplasty on you and fix your crooked septum, then call or message us today to set up a consultation. Chelmsford septoplasty expert Dr. Dave Lee is ready to discuss your aesthetic goals and establish a tailored treatment plan to meet them.

Septoplasty FAQs

We require that any patient interested in receiving treatment from a renowned Chelmsford septoplasty expert, Dr. Dave Lee, have a thorough consultation prior to the surgery. Septoplasty is generally recommended if you’re suffering from breathing difficulty or increased sinus infections and you have a crooked septum. This may occur from unexpected injuries, such as participating in contact sports, or simply be a condition you were born with and has not previously been an issue.

Once the surgery is complete, you’ll stay in a recovery room as the anesthesia wears off. Your nose is likely to feel tender and bruised. Dr. Lee will prescribe pain medication to take as needed, but if you do not feel like you’ll need prescription medicine, Dr. Lee will discuss over-the-counter pain relievers you can take instead. Most patients do not use narcotic pain medication. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are often all that is needed.

Not really. Because the surgery occurs inside your nostrils, you do not have to worry about facial scars after the operation is complete.

It can take a few weeks before you return to normal activities, and up to six months for your nasal tissues to become relatively stable. In addition, your nose may change in shape as the tissues continue to heal for up to a year or more after surgery.

The cost of a septoplasty in Chelmsford will vary for patients based on the extent of treatment, techniques used, general care, and more. In addition, some insurances cover this kind of surgery. You can discuss all of this, as well as financing or payment options, during your initial consultation with Dr. Lee.

Your beauty is a symphony. Don’t trust it to anyone less than a true performer and a master at his craft. Boston and Chelmsford plastic surgeon, Dr. Dave Lee brings the virtuosity of a concert pianist and the artistry of a renowned plastic surgeon to each procedure. Schedule a consultation today to discover why patients across New England are singing the praises of Dr. Lee and his staff at PURE Cosmetic Center.

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