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Liposuction in Chelmsford, MA

Struggling To Lose Fat?

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If you're struggling to lose fat and diet and exercise are not working, our Chelmsford liposuction may offer you a chance to achieve the cosmetic balance in your body you've been looking for.

It's designed to get rid of stubborn, excess fat and reshape your body and works best with patients who are near their ideal weight. Dr. Lee, MD, is a Stanford-educated Chelmsford board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries.

Board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), Dr. Lee can help you restore your confidence and build your self-esteem by helping you achieve the results you've been looking for.

Your privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to us at PURE Cosmetic Center.

Many of our high-profile patients prefer to be private with their cosmetic procedures and prefer that their photographs not be placed online. At your consultation, you will be shown photographs of patients who have given us permission to display their before and after pictures.

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What Is Liposuction?

Known also as lipoplasty, lipo, or body contouring, liposuction is a cosmetic procedure designed to permanently remove fat cells from various areas of your body, including your abdomen, hips, thighs, belly, arms, back, buttocks, and chin in order to reshape the contours of your body. Liposuction is also often done as an adjunct to other surgeries instead of by itself, such as with tummy tucks, breast reduction, or facelifts.

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What Liposuction is Not

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Liposuction is not designed to be, nor should it be, considered a weight-loss treatment. The goal of the procedure is to remove fat cells and improve body contours. Lipo will not treat cellulite or remove stretch marks.

How Does Liposuction Work?

The treatment first breaks up body fats and then suctions them out of the body through a device called a cannula. Liposuction completely and permanently removes targeted fat cells in selected treatment areas. As you gain weight, your fat cells grow in both size and number. Liposuction reduces the number of fat cells in targeted areas.

Benefits of Liposuction

The benefits of lipo are many, and the results are dramatic. This is why lipo is one of the most popular fat reduction procedures available. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Impressive and noticeable results
  • Permanent fat removal
  • Skin molds to new body contours, avoiding a “saggy” look
  • It can be combined with other cosmetic or aesthetic procedures
  • Few and small incisions, so scarring will be minimal
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Versatile use on multiple body areas

What body areas can be treated by liposuction?

Many of the areas on the body can be treated using lipo, and the procedure is often used in conjunction with, and as a necessary part of, other cosmetic procedures. Here are some of the areas liposuction can be done on:

  • Abdomen: Get rid of excess belly fat to help achieve a better-contoured stomach.
  • Waist: Remove fat that contributes to the infamous “spare tire” look.
  • Buttocks: Achieve a better-contoured backside.
  • Hips: Fit better in your jeans.
  • Thighs: Removing fat here can help you achieve the gap you’re looking to achieve.
  • Upper and lower arms: Arm fat can be pretty stubborn. Lipo can remove it.
  • Breast: Overly large breasts can cause a myriad of problems, which is why many women seek breast reduction using lipo to achieve better balance, reduce back pain, improve self-confidence, or any of the other reasons a woman may have to reduce her breast size.
  • Chest: Excess fat from a man’s chest can be removed, creating a more masculine look.
  • Back: Back fat can be removed to achieve an improved body shape.
  • Knees: Fat can build up around the knees in some individuals, and can be hard to get rid of with dieting and exercise.
  • Neck and Chin: Submental liposuction, or chin liposuction, can help get rid of a double chin for a slimmer face appearance. Chin lipo is also commonly referred to as double chin surgery.
  • Cheeks: Excess fat in the cheeks can cause your face to look somewhat swollen. Removing this gives a slimmer, more contoured look.

Are you a candidate for liposuction?

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Generally, liposuction is recommended for someone at least 18 years old and in reasonably good health.

This kind of procedure is most successful for people with good elasticity and skin tone, which allows the skin to be remolded into its new shape. If your skin lacks elasticity, there is the possibility you may have loose or loose-looking skin after your surgery. This may require skin removal to optimize your results. Patients with coronary artery disease or a compromised immune system may be disqualified. Non-smokers are greatly preferred. Ideally, you should be within 30 percent of your healthy body weight.

Selecting The Right Surgeon For Your Liposuction Procedure

Insist on a board-certified plastic surgeon. While liposuction is considered a safe procedure, it requires a skilled, trained, and experienced surgeon. To get the best results, pick the right doctor. It’s that important.

Why select Dr. Lee at PURE Cosmetic Center?

Board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), Dr. Dave Lee can help you restore your confidence and build your self-esteem by helping you achieve the results you've been looking for.

Dr. Lee is an expert in facelifts, skin cancer reconstruction, nasal airway reconstruction, rhinoplasty, and breast surgery. Not only is he a member of both the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), he's also an accomplished classical pianist. Because of his decades of musical and surgical training, his hands have the highest technical ability in the operating room. In addition, Dr. Lee firmly believes that the patient comes first and makes it a priority to always be available for his patients.

His ability to calm patient fears and connect with patients has led him to offer an outstanding level of service, which is easily visible through his dedication and lifelong relationship with his patients. If you're interested and think you're a good candidate for liposuction Chelmsford plastic surgery center, PURE Cosmetic Center, is ready to help you get the shape you desire. Call or email to set up a consultation with Dr. Lee today.


Before scheduling your liposuction, your surgeon will carefully review your medical history, including all previous surgeries. You may need some lab tests before your procedure, and you will likely be directed to suspend the use of any supplement or medication that could promote bleeding during surgery. If you smoke, you will need to stop for a period before and after your liposuction as specified by your doctor.

Liposuction Techniques

Chelmsford Liposuction expert, Dr. Dave Lee can perform liposuction on various parts of your body. There are several different techniques he employs to achieve the best results.

Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL) In this procedure, a cannula (thin tube used to remove fat) is inserted and rapidly moved back and forth, causing a vibration to break up tough fats. If you've had previous liposuction or require a large amount of fat to be removed, PAL may be the best option for you.

Tumescent Liposuction The most common type of liposuction procedure involves being injected with a sterile solution into the part of your body getting treated. This results in swelling and stiffening in the targeted area, which allows Dr. Lee to make an incision and insert a cannula. Once that's done, the cannula is connected to a vacuum, which then suctions the targeted fat cells from your body.

Some liposuction procedures also involve the use of ultrasound or lasers. Your surgeon will select the technique that is best for you.

What procedures can be combined with liposuction?

Liposuction can be paired with or used in conjunction with quite a few procedures. Here are a few:

  • Facelift: As part of a facelift, lipo may be used to remove excess fat deposits in areas that you want better contoured.
  • Breast reduction: Lipo is often integral in a breast reduction procedure, as it’s what is used to remove the fat from the breasts.
  • Tummy tuck: Lipo and a tummy tuck go very well together. Lipo removes the unwanted, excess fat, and the tummy tuck tightens the abdominal muscles and removes excess skin from the belly. These procedures can produce a flat, contoured, and toned-looking tummy when combined.
  • Fat transfer breast augmentation: Liposuction can also be used to harvest fat from other areas of your body (such as your thighs) that is then transferred to your breasts. This procedure is known as fat transfer breast augmentation.

Your Liposuction Procedure

Typically, you will be scheduled to arrive at the surgical facility one hour before your liposuction. Depending on the type and extent of surgery, as well as other procedures you may also be undergoing, liposuction surgery and healing times vary. Generally speaking, you'll be placed under local or general anesthesia.

In local, you'll stay awake, while in general anesthesia you are unconscious. Following your sedation, Dr. Lee will proceed with making incisions and following whichever technique best suits your procedure. Your vital signs including blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen levels will be carefully monitored throughout your surgery. Once done, Dr. Lee will stitch the incisions closed and you'll be taken to a recovery room to allow the general anesthesia to wear off and make sure there are no complications from the surgery.

Your surgical team will likely put a compression garment on your treated areas to prevent excessive fluid accumulation. Depending on the size of your targeted areas, your surgery may last up to several hours. Make sure you have arranged for someone to drive you home and that you have some help for at least the first night following your treatment.

Recovery and Aftercare

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While recovery can vary depending on the type of liposuction you have, along with any other procedures combined with your liposuction.

After liposuction of a small area of the body, some patients may return to work the next day. For larger areas of the body, allow for a recovery period of 1-2 weeks before planning to return to work. Swelling is normal after liposuction and this swelling can take five to six weeks to subside. You may be directed to wear a compression garment around the clock (except for showering) for up to three weeks to minimize swelling and optimize your results. It may take up to six months for your treated areas to heal completely.

Liposuction Results

Most patients will achieve 90 percent of their desired results within three months of their surgery.

Your final results can be very long-lasting if you avoid any major weight gains. Medical survey results indicate that more than 80 percent of liposuction patients are pleased with their procedure and results.

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For many people, liposuction can improve their appearance, brighten their attitude, boost their self-esteem and elevate their quality of life.

Dr. Dave Lee combines an eye for human aesthetics with the hands of a concert pianist (which he is). At PURE Cosmetic Center in Chelmsford, MA, you’ll get beautifully natural results worthy of a standing ovation. We invite you to call to schedule a consultation today.

Liposuction FAQs

While pain levels will vary from person to person, most liposuction patients say their treated areas felt like a large and sore bruise after their surgery and that it did not affect their concentration or mental sharpness.

Over-the-counter drugs are usually sufficient to keep you comfortable, but Dr. Lee can prescribe medications for you to take as needed.

Like any surgical procedure, liposuction comes with risks such as infection, excessive bleeding, poor wound healing, adverse reactions to anesthesia, and allergic reactions to medications or materials used in surgery. Although very rare, more serious complications can occur. This is why choosing an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon is key for an optimal outcome.

Not at all. In fact, lipo can be extremely effective for men because of how the male body processes and stores fat. Even men who watch their diet and get plenty of exercise often find themselves with frustrating fat deposits they just can’t seem to get rid of. In many cases, liposuction can provide the solution.

The procedures are identical. But while men tend to develop fat deposits in their abdomen, “love handles,” and chest, women more typically store fat in their lower bodies.

Fat cells eliminated through liposuction cannot grow back in the same spot. But if you gain weight, new fat will be stored in places other than your previously treated areas.

Probably not much. But, remember, lipo is not a weight-loss procedure. It is a fat removal procedure whose goal is to improve body contours. But to answer your question, somewhere between six and eight pounds of fat can safely be removed in a single liposuction session.

Yes, but they will be minimal because lipo incisions are very small. Scarring varies according to a person’s genetic tendencies, as well as to the skill level of your surgeon. We know where you can find a very skilled surgeon!

That depends on various factors, including skin laxity, muscle laxity, and a patient’s cosmetic goals. In general, if there is a noticeable amount of sagging skin, a tummy tuck may be the better option. But patients with minimal skin laxity can benefit from a liposuction-alone procedure. Keep in mind that liposuction can be combined with a tummy tuck for a truly dramatic transformation.

While it may, in some cases, have medical applications, liposuction is considered a cosmetic procedure whose costs are not covered by most health insurers.

Because liposuction in Chelmsford at PURE Cosmetic Center is often done in conjunction with other procedures, the price can vary. Costs are also determined by the type of procedure and areas of the body having work done. There are both financing and payment options available that you can discuss during your consultation.

Your beauty is a symphony. Don’t trust it to anyone less than a true performer and a master at his craft. Boston and Chelmsford plastic surgeon, Dr. Dave Lee brings the virtuosity of a concert pianist and the artistry of a renowned plastic surgeon to each procedure. Schedule a consultation today to discover why patients across New England are singing the praises of Dr. Lee and his staff at PURE Cosmetic Center.

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