Breast Reduction Surgery Aftercare

Your mind and your body need plenty of rest to recover after breast reduction surgery. You will feel tired more easily and you will not have your full level of energy for the first 6 weeks after surgery. This is normal. You will be bruised and swollen after surgery. Bruising gets better in about 2 weeks. Much of the swelling improves in 6 weeks, but you will continue to have some swelling for 3 months after surgery.

  • You can shower 48 hours after surgery. Soap and water can run over the incisions and the surgical tape but be careful not to scrub or rub directly on the incisions while washing or drying off. Be gentle. Pat dry.
  • NO baths, Jacuzzis, saunas, steam rooms, swimming, or submerging the incisions until after the incisions have completely healed. This is typically at least 4 weeks after surgery.
  • Leave all tapes on the incisions. They stay on for 4-6 weeks and will be removed in the office. If they start peeling off on their own, you may trim off any excess tape with a pair of clean scissors.
  • Sleep inclined at about 30 degrees for the first week after surgery. Consider sleeping in a recliner or with a few pillows stacked under your knees and behind your back to prop your upper body higher. This is to prevent you from rolling over onto your breasts.
  • You may start sleeping completely flat and on your sides after 2 weeks.
  • Wear a soft support bra day and night for 3 weeks, except when you shower.
  • After 3 weeks, you may remove the bra to sleep but continue to wear it during the day until 6 weeks post op.
  • You may want to purchase one or two extra bras to have on hand at home. You should look for a sports bra that hooks or zips in the front (not one that has to be pulled overhead), with no underwires, a wide band on the bottom and soft comfortable material. Look for a size where the lower band fits comfortably; generally the cups will fit accordingly after surgery. Some brands that have worked well are Avia (sold at Wal-Mart), TekGear (sold at Kohl’s), Fruit of the Loom, Jockey, and SheFit.
  • Underwire bras should be avoided for the first 6 weeks after surgery. Underwire bras are OK to wear once you are 6 weeks post op.
  • You may start purchasing new bras and new swimsuits after 6 weeks.
  • Driving is typically OK 5-7 days after surgery. You must be able to safely get in and out of the car, move your body enough to see behind you, and not be taking any of the following medications: gabapentin, tramadol, oxycodone, diazepam (Valium).
  • Do not lift/push/pull anything heavier than a gallon of milk for the first week after surgery.
  • Avoid large or wide stretching and reaching motions or overhead raising of the arms for the first week.
  • Activity Timeline
    • Week 1: Light walks (walking is the best way to prevent blood clots. Try to get up and walk for 10-15 minutes at a time, 3-4 times/day)
    • Week 2: May begin cardio based exercise (treadmill, bike, elliptical). May start lifting 5-10 pound weights.
    • Week 3-6: Increase weights by 5 pounds per week. Increase cardio-based exercise as tolerated.
    • Week 6: No restrictions. May resume all activities and exercise.

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