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For our patients in Chelmsford tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty) can reduce the appearance of sagging skin and wrinkles around the stomach and amplify the results of proper diet and exercise on the midsection. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Dave Lee and his team at PURE Cosmetic Center use their knowledge and patient-first approach to help you reach your ideal body goals.

It happens to all of us: time and age have taken their toll on your otherwise fit physique. Or perhaps you have been working hard to get healthy and lose weight, and you want your results to show. Sagging, wrinkled, and excess skin around your midsection can be very frustrating when they detract from your best look. Fortunately, you can take control.

Your privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to us at PURE Cosmetic Center.

Many of our high-profile patients prefer to be private with their cosmetic procedures and prefer that their photographs not be placed online. At your consultation, you will be shown photographs of patients who have given us permission to display their before and after pictures.

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What isa Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is a plastic surgery procedure that removes excess skin in the abdomen, slimming the waistline and increasing muscle definition. Abdominoplasty is the other name for this procedure.

This body contouring procedure is an excellent solution for patients who have undergone one or more pregnancies, have experienced changes in weight, or are noticing the skin around the midriff losing elasticity and becoming loose or flabby. Many patients seeking a tummy tuck have trouble seeing results through traditional methods like diet and exercise.

Though diet and exercise are great for controlling fat and defining muscle, their ability to improve skin elasticity is more limited. At PURE Cosmetic Center, our tummy tuck in Chelmsford is a patient-first procedure. Dr. Lee makes sure you have the freedom to discuss your concerns, ask questions, and really understand your options to achieve your desired results. Get the results you want

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What Are the Benefits of a Tummy Tuck?

There are several benefits to be had from a tummy tuck in Chelmsford at PURE Cosmetic Center. Under the skillful care of Dr. Dave Lee, a tummy tuck can:

  • Improve posture
  • Correct rectus diastasis
  • Increase muscle definition
  • Reveal a tighter, slimmer silhouette
  • Reduce the appearance of stubborn fat
  • Reduce problems such as Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)

Who is a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is an excellent solution for patients struggling with loose, flabby skin and reduced muscle definition in their midsection and flanks. In general, candidates for the procedure should be non-smokers in good general health, be able to maintain a stable weight, and have realistic expectations. We can accommodate patients across certain levels of BMI, but the surgical approach may vary based on your BMI and desired results. During your consultation with Dr. Lee, you can discuss your medical history and aesthetic goals, and he will help you to determine if a tummy tuck is right for you.

What Types of Procedures Are Available?

Chelmsford plastic surgeon and tummy tuck expert Dr. Dave Lee personalizes your procedure to help you achieve the best results for your body. Some procedures may require a higher degree of correction, or a different approach to achieve the desired results.

Together with Dr. Lee, you can discuss your surgical plan to make sure you are comfortable with the procedure before moving forward. For example, if you have a low BMI, a fairly healthy lifestyle, and are seeking the light to moderate correction, you could be a candidate for a drainless tummy tuck. These procedures use progressive tension sutures and do not require the use of drains for proper healing. However, if you are seeking a greater degree of correction or have a higher BMI, Dr. Lee may recommend a panniculectomy with drains.

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Are there similar procedures to a Tummy Tuck?

Some patients may not be ready for or may not yet require a solution as extensive as a tummy tuck. These alternatives will not provide the dramatic results possible with a tummy tuck, but they may still be suitable for some people.

  • Mini tummy tuck - This is a surgical treatment focusing only on tightening the skin below the abdomen. It does not address muscle separation.
  • Liposuction - This minimally-invasive procedure only targets excess fat. It may be right for patients who still have good skin elasticity and tone.
  • Body contouring - There are a variety of non-surgical options for tightening skin and reducing the appearance of fat deposits. Techniques include heating, cooling, or injections of fat-dissolving substances and typically require a series of treatments.
tummy tuck patient model in a pink dress smiling with her hands on her waist

How long does a tummy tuck last?

With a somewhat active lifestyle, and a nutritious and healthy diet, tummy tuck results can last indefinitely. However, the opposite can also be true: an inactive lifestyle and poor dietary habits that contribute to weight and health problems can rapidly undo results achieved.

How many sizes can you lose with a tummy tuck?

Complete tummy tucks can take inches off a patient's midsection, often achieving a much more significant result than weight loss alone can offer some patients. On average, women may be able to lose about two to three dress sizes after the procedure, and men may be able to drop a few pant sizes.

Your Tummy Tuck Procedure

Each procedure Dr. Lee performs is fully customized to meet each patient's unique needs. With that in mind, your exact procedure may vary, but it will follow the general steps outlined here. Once you are reclined comfortably in your surgical suite, the anesthesia will be applied. The anesthesia can be either intravenous sedation or general anesthesia, but you will be unconscious for the duration of the surgery. Because of this, it is essential that you plan for a friend or loved one to be available to give you a ride home once your procedure is complete.

Dr. Lee will begin by making an incision horizontally along your abdomen and around your belly button. Excess fat will be removed, and the underlying muscles will be repaired. Depending on the extent of your surgery plan, a second incision above your navel may be necessary to address extra tissue on your upper abdomen. The surgeon will then pull the skin tight over the reduced tissue, and excess skin is then trimmed and the belly button fixed in its new position. Sutures or surgical tape are used to close the incisions, and then you will slowly and safely be brought out of sedation.

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How Soon Will I See Results?

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Following a body contouring procedure such as a tummy tuck, you will need to take some time to recover and rest. In the first few days after the procedure, you will likely experience bruising and swelling. This is completely normal. The swelling will often prevent you from seeing your results right away, but as it goes down, your new, slimmer contours will begin to emerge. As your swelling goes down, your results will continue to improve. Most patients are able to return to work within two to six weeks of their tummy tuck procedures, with results continuing to improve over the next few months.

Can I Combine a Tummy Tuck With Other Procedures?

A tummy tuck is usually one of the main features of a mommy makeover; which is typically a tummy tuck combined with a breast augmentation or a breast lift.

This body contouring procedure is an excellent way to help patients who have undergone weight fluctuations and changes to the integrity of their muscle and skin elasticity due to pregnancy. Patients can also combine a tummy tuck with a body lift to help slim, tighten, and tone multiple areas of the body at once. Liposuction is another commonly-requested companion procedure to certain tummy tucks. Dr. Lee will help you assess your options and help you figure out if adding these procedures to your tummy tuck is the right choice for you.

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If you're looking to remove excess skin, fat, and wrinkles from your abdomen with a tummy tuck Chelmsford board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Dave Lee, who has successfully helped patients of all ages reduce stubborn belly fat and eliminate flabby, wrinkly skin across the midsection, is ready to answer all of your questions and concerns.

Dr. Lee believes in a patient-first approach. At your consultation, you will have the freedom to ask any questions you may have about the PURE approach to abdominoplasty in a safe environment. Dr. Lee's goal is to help you reach your goals, whether that is through a tummy tuck or another procedure. You can feel confident that with Dr. Lee, your health comes first. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about Dr. Lee and the PURE Cosmetic Center's patient-first approach to plastic surgery.

Your beauty is a symphony. Don’t trust it to anyone less than a true performer and a master at his craft. Boston and Chelmsford plastic surgeon, Dr. Dave Lee brings the virtuosity of a concert pianist and the artistry of a renowned plastic surgeon to each procedure. Schedule a consultation today to discover why patients across New England are singing the praises of Dr. Lee and his staff at PURE Cosmetic Center.

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