Rhinoplasty in Chelmsford

Reshaping Your Nose
Reshaping your nose or getting a nose job is a cosmetic procedure known as rhinoplasty. It can create life-changing differences in your appearance and overall self-esteem.
  • You may want to consider rhinoplasty if you’re unhappy with the shape of your nose or experience trouble breathing. Dave Lee, MD, is a Stanford-educated, Beverly Hills trained, board-certified Chelmsford plastic surgeon who performs both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.
  • Dr. Lee uses his experience and precise surgery techniques to create specifically curated results for your particular medical and aesthetic needs. He is now offering rhinoplasty in Chelmsford to patients seeking to enhance their profile.
Your privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to us at PURE Cosmetic Center.

Many of our high-profile patients prefer to be private with their cosmetic procedures and prefer that their photographs not be placed online. At your consultation, you will be shown photographs of patients who have given us permission to display their before and after pictures.


What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is meant to address changes in the size of your nose, such as the width of the bridge, visible humps or depressions, the shape and location of your nostril, enlarged, hooked, or bulbous nasal tips, general nasal asymmetry, or the size of your entire nose in proportion to the rest of your face.

Rhinoplasty is considered among the most intricate of all cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. It is a procedure where each millimeter matters. It involves alterations in your bone, cartilage, skin, or a combination of the three. This allows for correction of the proportion of your nose and overall facial symmetry. By correcting structural defects inside your nose, it can also improve your breathing.

What Happens During Rhinoplasty?
Rhinoplasty is extremely varied and specific to the shape of your nose and what changes you’re interested in making to your appearance.
  • Because your individual needs are unique, your procedure is customized for your anatomy and specific goals. Because of this, there is no set order of steps for this surgery. During your initial consultation, you’ll discuss your cosmetic preferences with Dr. Lee, who will provide you with options for treatment and create a plan based on your needs and facial structure. Once the treatment has been approved, you will undergo surgery.
  • You will be placed under general anesthesia. Dr. Lee will then move, reposition, and trim either your bone, skin, cartilage, or all three to achieve the desired results. Once the surgery is complete, you’ll be brought to a recovery room for observation until the anesthesia wears off. It can take two to four weeks before you’re ready to return to your previous level of activities. You’ll also meet with Dr. Lee again to make sure you’re healing correctly.



Board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), Dr. Dave Lee is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). His areas of expertise include rhinoplasty, nasal airway reconstruction, facelifts, skin cancer breast surgery, and breast reconstruction.

Dr. Lee grew up in Cupertino, CA, and graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. in Biological Sciences and a B.A. in Music. He attended medical school in New York at the University of Rochester, where he graduated among the top in his class. He completed his plastic surgery training at the University of Massachusetts, where he served as administrative chief resident. After residency, he completed an additional year of advanced cosmetic surgery training with an aesthetic fellowship at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, Marina Plastic Surgery in Marina del Rey, and the Rox Center in Beverly Hills.

In addition to his medical accolades, Dr. Lee is also an accomplished classical pianist. The long years of practice have given his hands incredible technical precision and finesse in the operating room. A bridge between science and art, Dr. Lee firmly believes that patients come first and strives to always be available for them. His ability to ease patient fears and his dedication to creating lifelong relationships with his patients has led to outstanding plastic surgery results.

Consultation for Rhinoplasty in Chelmsford

If you’re concerned about breathing or simply unhappy with your appearance due to the shape and size of your nose, call or email Dr. Lee and set up a consultation today. Chelmsford rhinoplasty expert Dr. Dave Lee is ready to discuss your aesthetic goals and establish a tailored treatment plan to meet them.


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that improves the appearance of the nose. Also known as a “nose job,” rhinoplasty can enhance the overall attractiveness of the face. This surgery can help address concerns such as a nose that appears too large, too flat, or too wide. It can correct a nose with a hump, a crooked nose, or a nose with an unattractive tip that is bulbous, too upturned, or too droopy. Your ability to breathe can also be improved with this surgery. The ultimate goal of rhinoplasty is to improve the overall symmetry and balance of your face. Other parts of the face, such as the chin, may indirectly affect the appearance of the nose and will be addressed by your surgeon during your consultation.

There are two aspects to recovery after rhinoplasty; recovery in terms of no restrictions and back to full activity versus a time frame where you will notice full results. 6 weeks is the time frame where you can expect to have no restrictions, as long as you have healed appropriately and had no complications. You will have guidelines in place immediately after surgery; these will include things like lifting restrictions, no bending at the waist, avoiding activities that elevate heart rate or blood pressure, and also no glasses or anything that can put pressure on the nose. The first 2 weeks are most important to adhere to these recommendations and after that time frame, your restrictions will likely be lessened, depending on your healing. You can expect to be bruised and swollen for the first 2 weeks; this improves over time. You will be instructed on medication use and things to implement at home to help mitigate these symptoms, such as sleeping with your head elevated. We will also help guide you with tips for recovery as well as how to care for your incisions to optimize healing and scar fading. We will also remove sutures, staples, drains, and/or splints at these visits, if applicable and when appropriate.

While you will be mildly sore after the surgery, you will be given a medication regimen to help with any discomfort. Once your nose heals from the surgery, there should be no pain.

First, general anesthesia will be administered. Next, incisions will be made to access the underlying cartilage and bone. The internal structures of the nose are improved to address your concerns and to achieve the desired result. In most cases, this involves detailed work on the nasal cartilages and the nasal bones. Cartilage grafts are then used to support the nose and to help maintain your result over time. To improve breathing, procedures of the septum and turbinates may also be performed. Sometimes, additional cartilage may need to be harvested from the ear or the rib. Occasionally, fascia, which is another material that can be used to support and reshape the nose, may need to be harvested from the scalp or the abdomen. Once the shape of the nose has been corrected, the incisions are closed with sutures. Splints are placed in the nose and also on the skin over the bridge of the nose. These are removed 7 days after surgery in the office.

We require that any patient interested in receiving treatment from our renowned Chelmsford rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Dave Lee, have a consultation before the surgery. Rhinoplasty is generally recommended if you’re unhappy with the shape of your nose or facial symmetry. It’s also recommended if you struggle to breathe through your nose.

You will need to take at least a week off from work or other obligations. You will feel progressively better each day and are likely to feel like your normal self by the end of the week. It may take another two to four weeks to return to all of your normal activities. In addition, it can take 12 to 18 months for the swelling to completely go away.

Incisions that are made inside your nose are generally not visible. If there are any incisions made on the outside skin of the nose, they will usually heal very well and be very difficult to see with time. This is all dependent on the type of procedure you undergo.

The cost of rhinoplasty in Chelmsford will vary for patients based on the specially curated procedure needed for your individual needs. Many insurances cover part or all of this kind of surgery if needed for medical reasons. In addition, there are financing or payment options that you can discuss with Dr. Lee during your initial consultation.

The two main techniques of rhinoplasty are closed rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty. Our practice performs both types of procedures. The procedure that is best for your nose depends on your anatomy and the result that you are looking to achieve. Your surgeon will discuss this with you at your consultation.

Rhinoplasty is typically performed after your face and nose have finished growing – this is typically by 15 or 16 years of age for women and by 17 or 18 years of age for men. Many people want to change the shape or size of their noses. If you would like your nose to look better and breathe better, and if you are relatively healthy, emotionally stable, and with realistic expectations for your results, you may be a good candidate for rhinoplasty. The best way to determine whether rhinoplasty is right for you is to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons.

During your consultation, the surgeon will listen to your concerns and discuss your goals for surgery. Each nose is different, and therefore each rhinoplasty surgery is different. Your surgeon will tailor your surgery based on your anatomy and according to your desired results. Photographs will also be taken at the time of consultation to help with the planning of your surgery. Your surgeon will go over your photographs with you in detail to make sure your surgery is customised to fit your needs. The risks of surgery will also be discussed at your appointment.

Once you’ve selected a surgery date, your surgical team (plastic surgeon, physician assistant, registered nurse) will help you prepare for your rhinoplasty. You will undergo preoperative testing to make sure you are healthy enough for surgery. You will also be provided with detailed instructions about what medications to take, what medications to avoid, and how to care for your nose after your procedure.

Results from rhinoplasty surgery will be noticeable immediately however with splints intact, it will be hard for you to see. Once the splints are removed, it is important to remember that the nose will be quite swollen however you will likely be able to appreciate the improved shape. It takes a full 12-18 months for swelling to resolve in the nose and the nasal tip typically holds on to swelling the longest. Incisions take a full 12-18 months to heal and fade.


Your beauty is a symphony. Don’t trust it to anyone less than a true performer and a master at his craft. Chelmsford plastic surgeon, Dr. Dave Lee brings the virtuosity of a concert pianist and the artistry of a renowned plastic surgeon to each procedure. Schedule a consultation today to discover why patients across New England are singing the praises of Dr. Lee and his staff at PURE Cosmetic Center.

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